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This tool provides a demonstration of the enrollment interface for Simply Unum products (the final, ISWL, available in November 2011), supporting all enrollment methods, whether connected to the internet or not. The interface is built upon the system and is designed to give employees and enrollers a retail-like experience with education, get a quote, shopping cart and application sections integrated across products. The demo also includes the recently released "video coach" feature and, when an e-mail is supplied at the end of the application, the new "application summary" marketing e-mail is instantly sent to the provided e-mail address.

The demo illustrates the features of our system by allowing the user to demonstrate enrollment in a variety of products. It takes the audience through an enrollment to show the ease of use and guides them through the process. It clearly demonstrates the return on investment by choosing Unum benefits and our benefit administration system.


  • To be used ONLY for Simply Unum prospects


  • Simply provide name and elect self-service or face-to-face demonstrations (minor differences) to launch
  • You drive the demo, highlighting whatever sections and products are appropriate


  • Must be used with an Internet connection
  • Turn up volume to hear the video coach feature


  • Login with enrollerid, password abc123.
  • Any questions? Contact Teresa Androkitis at 207-575-2385