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New Claims Submitted Trends Report


Report description

This report gives managers a good view of their employees' filing patterns and allows them to stay on top of any sudden spikes or emerging trends. Spikes in submission may indicate such things as underlying safety problems, a seasonal phenomenon, or a possible misuse of benefits.


Data details — what's in? What's out?

This section provides information which is specific to the new claims submitted trends report. Please refer to the information in the Understanding the data details section for general information on the details for all reports, including Marked up in Error (MUERR) claims and data processing delays.



  • Analytical report — graph of all new claims, including non-compensable claims.
  • Data is updated daily, but there is a 2 day data processing delay.


Available products

  • The report includes STD or LTD data.
  • The user can select either fully-insured or self-insured information for the report OR the user can select both fully-insured and self-insured information in a single report which reflects the combined STD or LTD experience.


Claim selections

  • The user chooses monthly or quarterly time periods for report.
    1. The monthly option contains data for the last 2 years, plus the current month.
    2. The quarterly option allows the user to choose 2 or 3 years of data, plus the current quarter.
  • The review period for claims is based on claim received date.


How can I use this information?

The cost of disability and absence begins when a claim is filed. Companies who use this report can quickly evaluate their experience and make better business decisions. When noticing patterns in the number of new claims, it is important to consider the following questions:

  1. Are safety and prevention programs in place? Are work processes and tools reviewed by safety teams? Are employees on production lines rotated on a regular basis to other positions on the line?
  2. Has the workforce recently expanded?
  3. How does the company's sick leave and time off policies integrate with the disability plan?

For more ideas on how to use this information, refer to the section titled Interpreting the reports.