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Claim/Leave Search


Report description

Benefit managers can use this report to help respond to disabled employees with higher needs in a more time-sensitive way. It provides information about the types of benefits an employee has used, the claims an employee has filed, and the status of those claims.


Data details — what's in? What's out?

This section provides information which is specific to the Claim/Leave Search tool. Please refer to the information in the Understanding the data details section for general information on the details for all reports, including Marked up in Error (MUERR) claims and data processing delays.



  • Transactional report — complete claim history for an individual – including information on all claims filed and complete payment history.
  • The user can access this report through the report menu or on-line
    1. The most efficient way to look up information for a specific employee is to enter their SSN or last name in the disability case drill-down report found in the Create a Report menu.
    2. The user can also access this information on-line when clicking on the claim number in the claim status report or the FMLA Detailed Integrated Absence Report.
  • When using the last name to look up the claim, it is possible to use a wild card search asterisk if you are unsure of the spelling of the last name. For example, if you have an employee with the last name of Paquette, you can type Paq* in the last name text box and hit Search. The report will return all employee last names that begin with Paq.
  • Non-compensable claims are included.
  • Data is updated daily, but there is a 2 day data processing delay.


Available products

  • The user can view fully and self-insured disability products (STD and LTD) and FMLA services information.


Claim selections

  • The user does not select a specific review period. The report returns all claims associated with the individual.
  • If the user's SSN access has been suppressed, the user cannot search by SSN.
  • If the customer provides Unum with employer IDs (EEID), the user can search by EEID or claim number.


How can I use this information?

This report is best used for the status update or payment history for an individual employee. It contains a variety of information on every claim for the individual.

The report can help you answer questions like:

  1. What is the current status of a claim?
  2. How long has the claim been paid?
  3. What is the total amount of the claim check?

For more ideas on how to use this information, refer to the section titled Interpreting the reports.