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Where Do I Start?

Here are a couple of easy options:

  1. If you need to step in slowly, consider experimenting with the demonstration website (username: crademo; password: demosite1). Or, click for a step-by-step presentation of how to run a report.
  2. If you feel ready to jump right in, start with the Claim Status Report. You can choose any period of time that suits your need, but it may be easier to start with a shorter period of time which will allow you to easily manage the spreadsheet of claims information.
  3. If you have any technical questions, please refer to the CR&A technical cheat sheet or call CR&A Support Services at 800-678-6614.


When the report is finished, you can use the on-line Disability Drill-Down feature to focus in on claim and payment details for a particular employee (by clicking on the underlined number while in HTML).

You can also download the report as an Excel or PDF file. When you use Excel, it is easy to leverage other desktop tools and share information from your desktop. Those skilled in Excel can do many things with the Claim Status Report:

  1. Simple examples include sorting, filtering, or subtotaling.
  2. More complex examples include using functions to create additional data fields and Pivot Tables to organize the data and create ad hoc reports. Examples of functions which may be valuable include inserting the determining if a claim fits a certain criteria (e.g., all claims submitted 15 days after the disability date).

As you feel more confident, you can use the Help materials available to expand your options and choose other reports.