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Recent graduates often feel they’ve reached a fork in the road: do you choose to do well, or do you choose to do good? We’d like to offer a solution: You could choose Unum.

At Unum, you’ll do well and you’ll do good. We provide 36 million workers and families with financial protection benefits for when the unexpected happens.

We hire smart, caring, passionate people. Then, we train you, challenge you, reward you and promote you. You'll make a difference in peoples' lives while shaping a career you’ll be proud of.

Proud of our growth opportunities

We have exciting opportunities in employee benefits, IT, underwriting, finance, marketing, customer service and more. All areas provide training and mentoring as well as professional development opportunities so you can continue building your skills.

We don't believe in standing still — we believe in growth. Whether it's growth through increasing mastery of an area you love or growth through developing new areas of expertise, growth adds energy, excitement, opportunity, advancement and success.

Proud of creating leaders

We're focused on building tomorrow's leaders, today. Here's how we do it: we find smart people, then we help them become smarter.

Through extensive and expansive internship, training and development programs, we make sure our next generation of leaders have the tools, resources and opportunities needed to build the skills they'll bring to the table as our company moves forward.

Begin a strong and rewarding career at Unum

Join our team and take the first step towards finding your career's calling. Once onboard, you'll find ample opportunity to learn and grow across our various departments. You'll find many avenues to success, and although each individual path is unique, they all share a common purpose and passion. 

Benefits operations and services

The benefits center is responsible for providing the highest level of quality service to our customers in the evaluation and processing of claims. Positions include Voluntary Benefit Specialist, FMLA Associate, Benefit Center Coordinator, Disability Benefits Specialist and Clinical Consultants.

Individuals that can demonstrate the following skills will thrive in this environment: strong logical and analytical skills, strong organization and prioritization skills, ability to work independently and collaborate with a team, can quickly adapt to change and are flexible to business needs, have good customer service skills and have solid leadership behaviors.

Client services

Employees in this department are the first point of contact for our customers and are tasked with providing high-quality customer service. Entry level positions include Intake Service Specialist, Benefits Center Assistant and Customer Service Specialist. This is a great "foot in the door" opportunity for those looking to grow within Unum.

A career that starts here can lead to various areas of the company. Individuals that can demonstrate the following skills will thrive in this environment: strong customer service skills, a drive to meet/exceed customer needs, a detail-orientation, strong communication skills, adaptability and a goal-orientation.

Human resources

Human Resources is made up of Compensation, Benefits, HR Service Delivery, Talent Management, HR Business Partners and Employee Relations. Entry-Level positions include HR Representatives, Staffing Specialists, Compensation Consultants and Benefit Consultants. Individuals will need to have excellent verbal and written communication skills as well as prior HR knowledge or similar experience to be successful in these roles.

Information technology

Unum IT is responsible for driving our innovative technological solutions from a development and operational standpoint. Positions include, but are not limited to, Software Engineer, Test Engineer, Business Analyst, Technical Support Engineer, Scrum Master and Technology Capability Manager. Individuals will need to have a strong technical knowledge or aptitude as well as excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Marketing and product development

Unum's Marketing department supports the marketing and communications efforts of our corporation as well as our subsidiaries. Accountabilities include supporting areas such as: Integrated Marketing (including digital, web, and email marketing), Market Development, Corporate Communications, Community Relations/Social Responsibility, Customer and Broker Research, Promotions and Events. For most positions, individuals will need to have prior Marketing, Digital Marketing and/or Communications experience as well as excellent written and verbal communication skills.


Our underwriting team evaluates risk of new and existing business to determine pricing and ensure profitability. Positions include, but are not limited to, Underwriting Specialist, Renewal Specialist, Field Authority Underwriter, Voluntary Benefits Underwriter and Small Case Underwriter.

Individuals that can demonstrate the following skills will thrive in this environment: a passion for developing self, a strong thirst for continued learning, strong mathematical skills, critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills, excellent communication skills, ability to present decisions in a logical and concise manner, organization skills and strong negotiation and persuasion skills.

Leadership Development Programs

We offer three distinct, robust programs providing the customized professional experiences required to become leaders at our Fortune 500 company. See what program is right for you.

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Unum takes affirmative action to implement our Equal Employment Opportunity policy with regard to women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and protected veteran status.