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Implementation & administration approach

When it comes to implementing and administering your benefits plan, simpler is better.

That’s why it makes sense to offer integrated benefits from Unum.

Our knowledgeable people and effective processes support you along the entire benefits journey.


  • Your lead implementation manager is introduced to your team

  • Your lead implementation manager directs planning meeting to build your implementation plan
  • Implementation documents are shared with your team
  • Your Client Manager and lead implementation manager meet with you to discuss implementation process, timeline, etc.

  • Enrollment planning call
  • Billing call
  • Confirmation of plan designs

  • Policies (contracts and booklets) are posted to Unum employer site
  • Unum employer site demonstration and training are conducted
  • Administrative documents are finalized

  • Your Client Manager provides ongoing day-to-day service

One implementation plan, managed by an integrated team of experts

  • Coordinated plans for employer- and employee-paid benefits
  • A seamless, efficient experience from start to finish — with the flexibility to address your special circumstances
  • Lead implementation manager — designated as primary point of contact for entire implementation process
  • Designated billing contacts — work with you to establish a process that best fits your needs
  • Operations Consultant — serves as a key liaison to our home office and your point of contact for addressing any claim-related needs

Streamlined administration

  • Collaborative partnership approach from start-up through ongoing support
  • Customizable billing and payment options, including aligned bill dates, billing in arrears and single payment for all benefits
  • Single website and log-in for managing all your Unum benefits

Two carriers vs. one

How the experience stacks up

Two implementation strategies and plans
Coordinated strategies delivered in sync
A minimum of two separate contacts with different objectives and approaches
A lead point of contact who ensures the process runs smoothly and delivers what you need
Multiple bills arriving at different times and in various formats
Option for aligned bill dates from the same company
Multiple contacts and call centers to go through when you have billing questions or need help
Designated billing experts who know your account and can get you the answers you need

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