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Education & enrollment plan

Even though they need benefits, getting employees to participate isn’t always easy.

That’s why we make it simple, with education materials that help them understand the coverage you offer — and innovative tools and technology to help them enroll.

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Effective Employee Education

Clear, consistent program

  • Based on a strategy developed by a partner who knows your business and workforce
  • Unified communications in both message and design
  • Education from one carrier, so employees aren’t overwhelmed
  • Information sessions to build understanding— group or one-on-one

Comprehensive, customized communication materials

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Insights that deliver results

  • Consumer-friendly approach based on behavioral economics — proven to increase participation
  • Expert advice and decision-support tools that help employees choose according to their needs
  • Effective communication that increases workplace satisfaction and employee productivity

Seamless Enrollment Experience

Technology advantages

  • Connections to 50+ leading benefits administration companies, including technology partners, enrollment firms and payroll companies
  • A platform option fit to your needs — including our proprietary systems, hosting our benefits on your platform, or leveraging one of our many strong technology partners

The power of innovation

A continually evolving array of technology solutions to make the benefits process simpler and more efficient — including:

  • Paperless Evidence of Insurability — keeps employers from being the paperwork “middleman” and having to wait for responses
  • Enrollment application — enables third-party technology partners to seamlessly connect with our platform and deliver a consumer-friendly experience

Flexible enrollment options

Face-to-face meetings



Personalized paper kits

Two carriers vs. one

How the experience stacks up

Education materials that cover only part of your benefits offering
Comprehensive education materials from a partner who knows your workforce
Multiple education programs that may confuse or overwhelm employees
A single program, with communications that are unified in message and design
Multiple enrollment processes and partners that may complicate the enrollment experience
A streamlined experience that allows employees to enroll with confidence

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