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Below you’ll find recent articles by Unum business leaders, interviews including comments from Unum executives, and reports on research by Unum officials discussing topics of relevance to employers.
Beyond disability: Unum’s support helps employee find new job

Lisa Goin was resigned to the fact that her arm simply wasn’t going to get better. In 2012, Goin injured her wrist and forearm at work and it left her in constant pain and unable to grasp objects. Goin attempted lighter-duty work, but her pain continued to get worse and she eventually had to stop working and go on long term disability leave.

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Physical therapist appreciates help she received to get back on her feet

Renee Schmidt has been an athlete for a long time and works as a physical therapist. So she knows a thing or two about the human body and recovering from injury. When Schmidt had her fifth knee surgery to repair damage caused by degenerative joint disease, she expected to be back at full strength six to eight weeks after surgery. But a complication changed her plans.

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