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Below you’ll find recent articles by Unum business leaders, interviews including comments from Unum executives, and reports on research by Unum officials discussing topics of relevance to employers.
The 15 most popular employee perks

(Employee Benefit News, Oct 16, 2018) A poll of 1,227 working adults from benefits provider Unum found that the most desired perks have to do with flexible work options and absence management. 

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How to hit a supplemental benefits grand slam

(America's Benefit Specialist, Aug 28, 2018) Unum's Sidney Kidder discusses the importance of supplemental health and disability plans and how to deliver benefits packages tailored to employer goals and employee needs. 

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Down but not out

Facing an uncertain future, Unum customer Desiree Rufer says her disability benefits changed the course of her life.

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Most popular employee perk? Time off.

(BenefitsPro, Aug 14, 2018) Three of the five most-favored picked perks — paid family leave, flexible or remote work options and sabbatical leave — are benefits related to schedule flexibility and absence management.

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Jineen valued that Unum was in her court

From courtrooms to the racquetball court, Jineen Pavesi was always on the go. In her career as court reporter, Jineen bustled around the streets of Manhattan collecting testimonies from defendants, plaintiffs and expert witnesses.

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