New parents spend 43 hours trying to navigate parental leave options - here's how to fix it

Founded by Anna Steffeney, LeaveLogic is a technology platform that helps make leave options—the policy, documentation, and process of understanding and securing your leave rights and benefits—more accessible and less cumbersome for both employers and employees.

Through their software, employees can select what type of leave they’re taking, what city and state they live in, and what their needs are—alongside what their company provides—and get a clear picture of exactly what they need to register for, what forms to fill out, and in what order. By automating the process, this saves employers HR time, saves employee time and streamlines the ability for people to take the leaves they need.

Read more about how Anna is trying to significantly reduce the challenge women and families face every year when starting families.


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Unum Group is a leading provider of financial protection benefits in the United States and the United Kingdom and the leading provider of disability income protection in the world. Its businesses are Unum US, Colonial Life, Unum UK, and Unum Poland. Unum’s portfolio includes disability, life, accident and critical illness, dental and vision coverage, which help protect millions of working people and their families in the event of an illness or injury. Unum also provides stop-loss coverage to help self-insured employers protect against unanticipated medical costs. The company reported revenues of $11.6 billion in 2018, and provided $7.2 billion in benefits. 


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