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Employer iServices — Flash Demo

Flash-based demonstration of capabilities available to employers via Unum's iServices online suite of tools.

Intended audience

Group employers and brokers, all case sizes.


This is an automated voice-over demonstration of the following tools accessed via iServices:

  • Online administration and billing
  • Online claims information (employer-facing)
  • Online employee forms and materials
  • Enrollment and evidence of insurability
  • Online resources
  • How to register


Applicable products:

  • Short and long term disability
  • Life — individual term, whole life universal
  • Critical Illness
  • Med support
  • Accident

This demo has audio and is chaptered. You may choose to run the full application or select sections to view. It can be paused at any point and the audio can be muted such that you could speak to the information being displayed.


  • Select run button below