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protecting your future

We're helping form the new social safety net - by ensuring the financial future of Americans and families, providing benefits for employers and promoting societal welfare. Simply click on one of the groups below to learn more.

With more Americans set to retire than ever, and the cost of being ill or injured skyrocketing, we need a new social safety net. At Unum, we want to help protect your income, and the income of individuals and families around the country by providing our industry-leading financial protection benefits. Each year, Unum and the disability industry helps save 575,000 U.S. families from becoming impoverished and relying on strained public assistance programs. Explore this site to learn more about the ways better benefits can protect what matters most: for individuals and families, employers and the country.


Latest News

New Legislation to Help Expand Private Disability Insurance Coverage

On April 21, 2016, a new law was passed in the State of Maine to provide an incentive for businesses that newly make available a disability insurance benefit to their employees, as well as an incentive for those that currently offer a disability plan to do so on an automatically enrolled basis. Legislators passed this new law not only because they believe it will result in increased financial security for their constituents, but also reduced pressure on State safety net programs. The new law can be accessed here.