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Unum delivers leading benefits plans, services and solutions to meet your needs and the needs of your clients. Partner with us, and together we will build long-lasting connections that further strengthen your business.

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Garth Cronkite
Managing Director, Sales & Client Management
Office: 410.872.8932
Fax: 410.872.8999

Brendan Murphy
Director, Sales & Client Management
Office: 410.872.8952
Fax: 410.872.8999

Sam Snowden
Director, Market Development, Sales & Client Management
Office: 410.872.8920
Fax: 410.872.8999

Contact info

Phone: 800.336.3969

Stony Point IV
Suite 255
8720 Stony Point Pkwy
Richmond, VA 23235

Brokers and plan administrators:

General Inquiries
For all general inquiries, please contact Unum at 866.679.3054.

You can also visit the broker or employer contact us page for a listing of specific departments.