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Say hello to your Unum team

Unum is working smarter to serve you better. So along with tailored Individual Disability Insurance benefits, we provide a dedicated support team that is focused on plan administrators' needs.

The value of IDI

  • IDI helps address income replacement shortfalls, which employees may experience due to benefit maximums, taxability of benefits, and uninsured earnings such as bonuses and commissions.
  • Employees can take advantage of guaranteed standard issue underwriting and discounted rates.
  • Employees own their IDI policy, which is portable and adaptable to their changing financial needs.
  • Unum customizes the plan design and enrollment strategy to fit your company's demands.
  • Through the enrollment, we educate employees on the value of their total benefits package — which leads to higher levels of job satisfaction, employee engagement and workplace loyalty.1

Click here to learn more about the value of IDI. For additional information, contact your Houston sales office.

1 Harris Interactive, Unum 2012 Employee Education and Enrollment Survey (2013). Results based on an online survey by Harris Interactive of 1,890 employed adults with benefits from a variety of providers.




Justin Knox
IDI Sales Representative
Works as your primary contact within the Unum Houston team. To focus on customized benefits strategies that help you attract and retain key employees.
Shannon McCraine
Account Manager
Delivers strategic, ongoing support to plan administrators and brokers; helps develop re-enrollment and coverage-increase strategies. To facilitate plan maintenance and give plan administrators more time for other HR responsibilities.
Paul Guinn
Implementation Manager
Keeps the implementation running smoothly and ensures that the first bill processes efficiently. To establish a solid foundation for future administration and re-enrollments.
Kimberley Provost
Strategic Market Consultant
Offers analytical prospecting assistance; generates customized presale materials to explain the benefit offerings. To highlight the value of IDI through illustrative resources and educational materials.